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Camp Lejeune Update: Seeking Justice for ALL Individuals Suffering from Contaminated Water

Camp Lejeune Update: Seeking Justice for ALL Individuals Suffering from Contaminated Water

By Lori Cromartie

Effective March 14, 2017, the Federal Government will begin paying monetary benefits to veterans who were exposed to contaminated water at Camp Lejuene between August 1953 – December 1987. In total, the payout will come to $2.2 billion, covering just eight of some 30 documented diseases or illnesses related to the contamination. These illnesses include: adult leukemia, aplastic anemia, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and Parkinson’s disease.

While this is good news for thousands of veterans who have had to wait far too long for compensation, it’s not good enough, for two reasons. First of all, more diseases need to be covered than the eight that the Department of Veterans Affairs designated. Secondly, the cash payouts are for veterans only and do not include the families of enlisted men and women in service, nor does it include civilian workers who were at Camp Lejeune during this time period. “While we celebrate this victory for the veterans,” says Ed Bell, Founder of Bell Legal Group, “we recognize the urgency to seek assistance for the families and civilians who also suffered from the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. They have the same rights and deserve the same retribution as the enlisted men and women.”

Now’s the Time to Act

Given the government’s acquiescence in this case – to finally administer disability payments to veterans – now is a critical time to seek the same justice for all individuals who suffered disease, illness, or death as a direct result of the Camp Lejeune water supply that was contaminated from leaking storage tanks leaching chemicals into the ground water. Marines, their families, as well as civilian workers, were subjected to toxic amounts of percholoroethylene, trichloroethylene, vinyl chloride, benzene, and other petroleum contaminants. In light of the new federal payout, now is the time to come forward and be heard. Please don’t wait. Enough time has gone by already. We would love to hear your story.

The Fight Goes On

There is no true justice until every individual or family victimized by the tainted water supply at Camp Lejeune receives compensation, for their disease, illness, and/or death. And we will not stop fighting until that happens. “This has been a hard, long slog,” says retired Marine Jerry Ensminger, whose own daughter was a victim at Camp Lejeune, dying of leukemia at the age of 9. Today, Jerry and others continue to seek justice. “This is not the end of the issue.” Until everyone who suffered at Camp Lejeune is recognized by the federal government – and until all of the debilitating conditions and diseases are covered – the fight will rage on. As will the anger. “It’s frustrating,” Ensminger says. “I will go to my grave fighting about this, I know that.” Indeed, until there is total accountability by the federal government for all who suffered, we will continue to fight as well.

Are you or your family a victim? Call Bell Legal Group

This horrible tragedy has destroyed the lives of countless families for decades, to this very day. If you were at Camp Lejeune at any point between 1953-1987, we would like to hear from you. Time is of the essence so don’t delay, lest the window of opportunity for you to take action closes. Contact Bell Legal Group today: 843-546-2408.

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